REBAR steel (Reinforcement steel) is a one of the largest single cost item in multi-storied building projects or in civil costs of large projects like power plant, refinery, manufacturing plant etc which resulting in higher inventory stocks getting maintained at site.

There is very less efforts in stopping pilferage, quantity manipulation resulting in financial mismatch in the  quantity and associated cost  in financial books and actual inventory.

Arcturus Business Solutions has developed CountAI, an AI software for easy calculation of weight of Rebar bundles from the mobile camera images.

Count AI helps you to :

  • Know your stock as and when required
  • Removes the manipulation of weigh bridge measurement as the weight of rebars is based on no. of bars  instead of truck weight   (Loaded – Empty)
  • Reduces your wastage & theft drastically
  • Get your Rebar weight with accuracy 97-100%

Rebar Counting

Rebars (Reinforcement Steel) Counting by using AI-1
Rebars (Reinforcement Steel) Counting by using AI-2